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At Pointe

Innovative solutions for complex challenges.

We help to secure future ready value streams, develop and implement market driven strategies to improve efficiency, optimize financial results and strengthen customer experience

What We Do

Analytics, review & research

Detailed assessments and empowering insights.

Comprehensive assessments to support strategic decisions, core business reimagination, and value chain optimization, covering market trends and competitor analytics, efficiency and process reviews, customer satisfaction scoring and comprehensive risk assessments.

Consulting & Advisory

Expertise for a thriving ecosystem.

Our cross industry advisory services from public sectors, supporting economic development, infrastructure, management, governance, to private industries covering strategy, digital, analytics, operation, and organizational transformation from assessments to roll-out.


Tailored programs supporting excellence and profitability.

High-quality, tailored training programs for importers, wholesalers, dealers, and management professionals in the automotive industry. Our expertise covers key areas such as retail, efficiency, management, EV and specialized agent training.


Helping clients to stay ahead of the curve









What Our Clients Say


Global location


Leadership & core panel


Years average expertise


extended panel covering all major industries


We empower to navigate with clarity, take informed decisions and stay on the path to success through in-depth assessment, consulting and training.

Discover our approach to sustainability, operation and strategy.


Analytics, expertise & collaboration to drive sustainability.

We specialize in helping automotive businesses to excel through an era of innovation, offering strategic support to reimagine core businesses. Whether it's enhancing distributor networks, streamlining sales and maintenance efficiency, optimizing supply chains, or boosting customer satisfaction, our services are tailored to help automotive businesses achieve sustainable success in this dynamic environment.

Public sector

Research, planning & advise for sustainability.

Unlocking potential through research & innovation. We support through research and analytics to capture potentials and to prepare holistic strategies to ascertain the development of environments and required infrastructures. at.pointe assist through setup and maintenance of automotive ecosystems to capture strategic potential within the industry, from training to supply networks.

Entrepreneurs & start-ups

Support, mentoring, coaching & network.

We assist clients overcoming hurdles by offering customized coaching and training that caters to current stage of business. We equip with the skills to build and expand the business. We support clients establish a sustainable proposition, conquer new markets and establish a stable market penetration.

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Meet the team to take you there.

Lean & focused structure, Hands-on mentality, Versatile expertise, Granular industry experience.

Sebastian Bachmann

Managing Director

Patricia Buve

Managing Partner

Norman Wylie

Principal Automotive, Representation Singapore

Clare Parkes

Principal ESG, Sustainability & Development

Anand Kashyap

Partner India

Mark Aitchison

Principal BI & IT solutions, Representation Hong Kong

Peter Edgworth

Representation: Malaysia, Thailand

Allan Sherburne

Representation Philippines


Senior leadership, multi-disciplinary, visionary

at.Pointe’s consultants are working through a panel of cross-functional team members, to ensure substantial benefits above traditional consulting arrangements and to fully utilize the team’s expertise. Our team of partners are safeguarding consistency and depth of our engagements from a holistic perspective to ensure every aspect of the business has been aligned. Through the panel, we bring the power of the entire firm to our clients.

Governmental: Industry attraction and development, infrastructure establishment, incentive and stipulative framework, workforce development // International trade: Industry alignment, stipulative framework, cooperation alignments // Management: Manufacturing-, distribution- and retail C-Level, executives and specialists across operational and strategical level // Industry: Automotive, charging, logistics, finance, network, components, retail, distribution, training, marketing, start-up


Expertise, versatile, cross-functional, hands-on

As business leaders in their fields, our consultants have first-hand experience of the challenges in the industry. We work with a spirit of ownership and always put the client first. Driving in-depth expertise, broad insights, and granular analytics, turning transformation and advice into VALUE. Our consultants help to get – and stay – ahead, transform, improve and succeed though any challenges you face.


Headquartered in Singapore & local where you are.

Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Dubai, Germany, United Kingdom

Headquartered in Singapore, we are a trusted partner across multiple countries, offering tailored solutions to navigate the diverse landscapes of the automotive industry.

We have established our presence in multiple countries across the globe, serving as trusted partner in the automotive industry. Through our representations, we bring expertise and solutions to the forefront of automotive innovation.

From the UK to Australia, Germany to India, and Malaysia to the Middle East, our local teams bring expertise to each region. Whether you're looking to tap into established markets or emerging opportunities, we provide strategic guidance and localized solutions.

Let us help you securing efficiency, driving informed decisions and stay on the path of success

We empower clients to achieve accelerated growth, minimize risks, and seize opportunities. From market strategies to seamless knowledge transfer, we are a trusted partner throughout the entire journey.

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